Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre is a business that is built on quality and reputation. 

We aim to provide quality motorcycle training at all levels. If you've received training from us and have any comments, please click here, and let us know what you think.

We are pleased to have received hundreds of comments from our clients over the years and have included some of the most recent of them for you view. It is all too easy for false and untrue statements to be included on this page to create a false impression to potential clients but all comments can be verified should you so wish. You can also follow us on Facebook here. Here are some of the comments received:

  1. I just want to say a massive thank you to Lindsey for getting me through my bike test first time he runs a very professional Service and I will definitely be recommending to friends and family! Thanks again!

    GS - 050213 DAS

  2. Would just like to say thank you to Lindsay. My partner and had CBT training and the guy really knew his stuff. He was very patient and professional. Thanks again!

    TJ - 300113 CBT

  3. I would like to thank both Lindsey and Richard for all their help in getting me through Mods 1 & 2. I took a CBT back in October after very limited bike experience many years ago and then after an eight month break took a Direct Access Course with BMTC. At the end of the course, I managed to pass Mod 1 but failed Mod 2 through a silly error (lost balance in a slow junction and had to put a foot down). Two weeks later I took the test again and I was delighted when I passed with a mere two minor faults! I'm afraid I can't add anything new to the other testimonials on this site, as my own experience echoes that of everyone else. What I can say is that the guys are absolutely first class. They are friendly, extremely patient and professional. If you do receive training from BMTC, you can be sure of some great relevant training (for riding as well as to pass the test) and loads of laughs. I would say to anyone thinking of learning to ride a motorcycle, look no further than Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre, there are other trainers out there but frankly, why would you take the chance.

    PL - 050912 CBT and DAS

  4. Thanks for all your help with getting Gareth through his CBT, he really enjoyed and said that the instructor was brilliant, so say a big thanks to Kurt for us.

    AP - 130812 DAS

  5. HI guys, I passed my test with yourselves, and I'd just like to commend you on both your quality of the training and the value for money. You guys have certainly got your own ways of dealing with people, but the training and value cannot be faulted at all. Thanks again, and all the best.

    DMK - 070812 DAS

  6. I would like to say a big "thank you!" to everyone at BMTC. I did my CBT, and passed Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time with their help, and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start riding. The staff are very helpful and understanding, and enjoy a laugh and a joke. Cheers!

    TH - 060712 CBT and DAS

  7. All I can say is a great big THANK YOU! to Lindsey. After a few failed Mod 1s and the corresponding disappointments he stuck with me and got me through Mod 2 first time. Both Lindsey and Richard make the training strict and intense but it's still entertaining and FUN (especially if you take your sense of humour with you). I'd highly recommend BMTC - I may even unleash the wife on them for some small bike training! Thanks again both.

    PE - 190512 DAS

  8. I went to another local school for CBT and as soon I went to BMTC there was a complete difference in the quality and dedication of their work. Special thanks to Richard and Lindsay for their time and dedication to providing first class training. I will defiantly use BMTC in the future when I'm ready for some advanced training.

    LD - 241211 DAS

  9. I took the direct access route to my bike licence in December 2011 through BMTC, having not ridden for over a year since my CBT (also with BMTC). After a very intense week in the rain, hail and pretty extreme winds, I passed first time! Lindsey was brilliant, we were always in safe hands, had great fun and my bike skills improved dramatically, more than enough to pass the tests. Highly recommended!

    PB - 201211 CBT & DAS

  10. I would just like to say a big thank you for all the training to get me a full bike licence, and just to say how profesional the training is. I would recomend BMTC to anyone. Once again thank you

    CW - 071211 DAS

  11. Big thanks to all at BMTC, particularly Richard and Lindsey, for getting me through modules 1 and 2 DAS at the first attempt. The training, facilities and bikes are first class, and the instructors are hugely knowledgable, patient, and friendly. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks again

    GH - 031211 DAS

  12. A special thank you to Lyndsey and Richard at BMTC right from the start they make you feel at ease very professional and most of all patient The set up they have at stormy down is ideal for Mod 1 training. Passed Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time Thanks again

    DL - 171111 DAS

  13. BMTC were superb, Richard H has the patience of a saint, and never made us feel useless (despite the fact that we were intially!) Highly recommended and will certainly be going back for some pre test training when the time comes.

    PE - 131111 CBT

  14. Both Richard and Lindsay were both professional and extremely friendly ,I could not have wished for better training and support from an excellent group of people .all I can say is is you want motorcycle training look no further as you will not find better anywhere ,thank you very much :)

    CO - 221011 DAS

  15. Firstly I would like to thank you for arranging my cbt course, Kurt was a fantastic instructor, extremely knowledgeable, funny and patient considering I'd had no experience at all in riding.

    BD - 280911 CBT

  16. Huge thanks to Richard & Richard for their patience and expertise getting me through both MOD 1 and MOD 2 at the first time of asking. Just completed a week long intensive DAS course and, while it is definitely intensive, I'd thoroughly recommend doing it with BMTC. Having completed my CBT with another school, I've experienced how good BMTC really are. Great teaching methods and an excellent facility at Stormydown - if you can pass MOD 1 there, you're laughing!! Thanks again.

    PM - 300911 DAS

  17. I would like to thank both Richard and Lindsey for getting me through my test, the training provided was excellent and very professional, thanks again!

    CB - 120711 DAS

  18. I would thoroughly recommend BMTC to anyone looking to take up motorcycling as the instructors immense experience and knowledge and the way that it is conveyed is first class. Right from the start of my CBT, mod1 and mod2 the instructors were very professional, friendly, but more importantly, patient!! Facilities at Stormy Down are excellent, as is the mod1 set up. As close to the real thing as you could get, so no nasty surprises on the day of test! THANK YOU very much and will see you soon for some refresher training.

    JR - 020711 CBT & DAS

  19. Thanks for all the help and patience in getting me to pass my test and start riding a 'big' bike! Even after failing Mod2 twice, and having the 3rd one cancelled due rain. I can't thank Richard enough for all his help!!

    JE - 060611 DAS

  20. Hi, would like to thank Richard and Shara for the CBT training yesturday, very organised, clear and concise, humour when needed and most importent at my age of 50 did not make me feel like a dunce. Well done BMTC see you soon for my direct access

    ME - 200511 CBT

  21. Big thanks to the team for getting me through all of my test, after being so shaky I didn't think I'd ever pass but they know what they are talking about and I passed them all no problem, I owe you a pack of custard creams.

    JE - 050511 DAS

  22. Had an excellent time with the direct access course. Brilliant weather and amazing professional training. Thank you

    RG - 270411 DAS

  23. Great service and passed both modules first time with this company. Many thanks to Lyndsey and Richard for providing a professional training package, I will be back for advanced training.

    RB - 150211 CBT and DAS

  24. I would like to thank both Lindsey and Richard for all thier help in getting my full bike licence. Right from my CBT to the mod1 and mod2 the instructors were very professional, friendly, and most of all patient. I look forward to more courses in the future and trips away. Thanks again.

    JD - 111210 CBT and DAS

  25. Fantastic Fun! Started in August with CBT and passed Module 2 on Oct 8. If you listen hard to Richard and Lindsey their experience will get you through no problem. Great Module 1 circuit in Stormy Down with Tea and Biscuits :), watch out when you hit the real speed trap on the test, you tend to go a bit faster. I will never forget Kurt's hazard warnings during CBT training(never knew there so many two legged hazzards). Thanks again guys - see you for tea and biscuits soon.

    RD - 011110 CBT and DAS

  26. I would like to thank both Richard and Lindsey very much for all the help they gave me to pass my full motorcycle licence first time..! With a nice big yard that they can lay the entire module 1 part of the test, which helps a lot. The service was very professional, and with very modern bikes you cant go far wrong. Thanks again.

    SP - 130910 CBT and DAS

  27. I would like to thank both Richard and Lindsey very much for all the help they gave me to pass my full motorcycle licence first time..! With a nice big yard that they can lay the entire module 1 part of the test, which helps a lot. The service was very professional, and with very modern bikes you cant go far wrong. Thanks again.

    SP - 130910 CBT and DAS

  28. A totally friendly and professional riding school,couldn't ask for better instructors, would totally recomend this school to anyone

    LB - 050910 CBT and DAS

  29. Saying thanks for the training I had and the nagging from Richard No1!! Awesome bunch of guys I would recommend BMTC to anyone!! Thanks again.

    JJ - 090810 CBT and DAS

  30. I did my mod 1 training with these guys and you won't find better, Richard and Lindsey are very very good at what they do, if you take on board what you are told and along with their full size mod 1 layout you will pass first time. Thank you Richard/Lindsey

    JM - 250710 CBT and DAS

  31. A1 training & facsilities. Passed first time mod 1 & 2. Don't think you'll find better! In my opinion well thought of by Examiners, so very beneficial. Cheers

    BW - 210610 CBT and DAS

  32. Hi, I'd just like to give a massive thank you to Lindsey and Richard for the excellent training they gave to pass mod1 and mod2 test first time.HIGHLY RECOMENDED,VERY FREINDLY AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, I'd also like to say what a good mod1 training area you have,I couldnt have done it without your training BIG THANKS AGAIN

    SAW - 090610 CBT and DAS

  33. A big thank you to the team @ BMTC. A truely professional training school, run by experienced riders who are only to happy to pass on their knowledge and tips. The off road training site at Stormy Down made such a difference. I've already recommended BMTC to a number of friends.

    GS - 250510 CBT and DAS

  34. Completed my DAS last Friday. Right through from CBT I have been very happy with all the training i got. I previously had no experience riding and by the end of it all I feel confident and safe on the bike and passed first time. All in all, great teaching and really enjoyed the whole experience. Fully recommend BMTC. Thanks guys and thanks alot Lindsey.

    MV - 250510 CBT and DAS

  35. I did my Mod 1 traing with Richard and my Mod 2 with Lindsey both gave 1st class traing and were very easy to get on with. I passed both mod 1 and 2 1st time thanks again spot on.

    SG - 140510 DAS

  36. Like everyone else who has commented I wouldn't hesitate to recommend BMTC, the preperation is thorough and leaves you feeling fully prepared for the tests, especially with regards to the Mod 1 practise area. I will certainly be going back for advanced/refresher sessions in the future.

    SJ - 010510 CBT and DAS

  37. I would recommend BMTC to anyone. I have recently trained with them and the service that they provided me with was first class. I passed both module 1 and module 2 first time.

    DH - 110410 CBT and DAS

  38. Training I had was with Richard for the CBT and then Lindsey for the Module 1 and 2, I found them both professional and easy to get along with and very helpful.They provided me with the training I needed to be able to pass my CBT and both Module 1 and 2 and I would advise anyone thinking about riding a bike both young and older rider to come and train with these guys at the BMTC they are vey good at what they do !

    JT - Brynna 190310 CBT and DAS

  39. Would just like to thank Lindsey and BMTC for all the hard work and dedication for getting me through to my full bike licence. Both off road and on road training experiences give an insight on what to expect when taking both modules one and two I have had the chance to meet up with lots of great people and instuctors during my training and would recomend you to anyone who wants to learn to ride. Thanks again guys.

    VM - Bridgend - 130310 CBT and DAS

  40. Very pleased with the training and the flexibility of it. Special thanks to Ted even though the others played their part

    MP 190210 CBT

  41. I passed my test back in 1999 with this school and found them fantastic,I can compare the school with another well known school I used and they are not in the same league,i had Lindsey for my CBT who was very patient and Richard for my direct access who was patient,explained things really well and showed me so much I could of passed the new test even back in 1999 when I passed, I do not believe you can get a better instructor and a nicer guy, passing my test has changed my life, so if in doubt then just try it, it could change yours

    CR 160210 CBT and DAS

  42. Well what can I say? Passed both mod 1 and mod 2 first time with Lindsey, and what a nice man, with all the knowledge and skills to get you through on that crucial day, he came highly recommended and will recomend him myself.With the mod 1 practise site at stormy down which was without a doubt a very crucial part to passing that test on the day as you already know the layout,so if you want to pass your test go with the best BMTC

    KN 030210 CBT and DAS

  43. Big thanks to kurt , for getting me through my CBT, and a big thanks to Lindsey for getting me through my mod 1 and mod 2 first time , thanks lads. Anyone looking to learn to ride a motorbike and to gain the correct skills to pass the tests I would recomend BMTC , excellent training and advice, and a fantastic set up in Stormy Down to practice the mod 1 . Happy and safe biking ....

    CD 160110 CBT and DAS

  44. Started my training with Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre back in July last year when I did my CBT. Passed my Mod 2 Riding test today. Massive thanks to both Richard and Lindsey. Both fantastic instructors, easy going and very friendly. The facilities they have at Stormy Down are excellent. The Mod 1 is as close to the real thing as it could possibly be. I would recommend BMTC to anyone wishing to get into motorbiking. I have enjoyed every minute of my tuition with these guys. Also thanks to Kurt who started me on my CBT.

    JC 160110 CBT and DAS

  45. I found training with BMTC to be professional and enjoyable. They provided me with the training I needed to be able to pass both Module 1 and 2 first time. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about passing their test.

    NS- Bridgend 311209 CBT and DAS

  46. Would just like to say many thanks to Ted for all his support and encouragement yesterday when I completed my CBT. Despite my nerves and the driving rain, he showed real professionalism. Riding out on the road was one of the best experiences of my life and the confidence I gained from this is unmeasurable. To sum it all up, a great company, great instructor & a great day - throughly recommend to anyone of any ability.

    AC - Llantwit Major 151109 (CBT)

  47. I'd never been on a bike before but thanks to Lindsey and Richard at BMTC, I was fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to pass my CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2. The benefits of having a replica Mod 1 practice site meant that on the day of the test, I knew exactly what to expect. I fully recommend BMTC to anyone who is planning on taking up biking at any level.

    IH - Vale Of Glamorgan 071109 (CBT and DAS)

  48. I would like to thank both Richard and Lindsey from BMTC for helping me pass the direct access course. Especially when considering how difficult I must have been with my nerves and bad habits. Their consistent high quality support and advice got me through, I strongly recommend this company to anyone wanting to ride. BMTC the superior choice, thank you.

    RP - Bridgend 161009 (CBT and DAS)

  49. Massive thanks to Lindsey and Richard for training me to pass the mod 1 & 2 first time with a 3 1/2 day DAS course. What can I say, excellent bikes to hire and first rate trainers passing on the skills and knowledge higher than the level required to easily obtain your motorbike licence at the first attempt. Both instructors I worked with were easy to get on with and very friendly and the training facilities were first class. I would strongly recommend BMTC to anyone looking to take up motorcycling and requiring first class instruction and advice. Thanks again and see you in a few months for some advanced training lads, cheers

    RS - Bridgend 161009 (CBT and DAS)

  50. A very special thanks to Lindsey who without his expert knowledge I would have really struggled my way through . I took my DAS training through BMTC and passed my MOD 1 and MOD 2 tests first time . All the hype about the MOD 1 test made me worry a bit but BMTC have a place up in Stormy Down where we could practise which made it much easier to do . A great company to train with and Lindsey was a fantastic instructor giving me lots of advice and helpful tips along the way . In a way I was gutted when I passed because my training had to end but I hope I will see them all out on the road very soon. Thankyou so much Lindsey youve given me my freedom to ride !! I recommend this company to everyone wanting to train and ride bikes . Happy riding ........

    MD - Bridgend 200909 (CBT and DAS)

  51. I have completed both CBT and DAS training with BMTC. I have found both the training and facilities to be first rate. I would recommend BMTC to anyone that wants to learn to ride a motorcycle safely. Thanks to Lindsey for giving excellent training and advice during the DAS training.

    DP - Bridgend 150609 (CBT and DAS)

  52. Fantastic day! very friendly and professional, would recommend to anyone and everyone!! very focused on safety/awareness, "THANK YOU" to all concerned, dont think I could have chosen a better company for training, now can't wait for next step! I'll be back!!!

    MH - Bridgend 270409 (CBT and DAS)

  53. I would like to thank all the team at BMTC. Special thanks to KURT for my CBT day. And again special thanks to Lindsey my DAS course instructor. I am a late starter to motorcycling {63yrs} but his expert tuition and safety advice gained me a 1st time pass on the 12/03/09 after only 9 wks. THANKS AGAIN

    GH - Bridgend 180309 (CBT and DAS)