Stormy Down - A Specialist Training Site For Your Success

We are proud that BMTC has use of a site at Stormy Down that provides us with the opportunity to develop the training needs, not only for Module 2 on the road riding, but also Module 1 off road test. This site provides us at BMTC with the opportunity of conducting training 'on site' at all times, with the exception of a Sunday. The training area is located within the what was formally the old Stormy Down site, but is now a site owned by Cenin Limited ( Cenin are world leaders in the development of recyclable cement products and the company have a number of exciting projects surrounding renewable energy needs. 

But what does this mean to you the trainee? Put in simple terms, we are one of the few training schools in South Wales who have a dedicated Direct Access Module 1 training course, to allow you as long as you need to train and perfect your manouveres ready for your Module 1 test.

Additionally, we have full heated classroom facilities ONSITE, interactive training facilities ONSITE, catering facilities ONSITE, conveniences ONSITE, basically everything to make your training as relaxed, comfortable and productive as it can be. By having this site available for our trainees, we hope that you will appreciate that BMTC is truely, and professionally dedicated to the needs of you, the trainee.