See below some of the staff who make BMTC possible, from the trainers to the backroom staff, such as mechanics and web developers, all of them share one love, motorbiking, and are dedicated to making your experience of learning to ride a motorbike a stress free and enjoyable one.

Lindsey Williams - Whilst he might not be the oldest instructor, he probably has been the longest qualified instructor in the Bridgend area, having been instructing since 1980 and we hasten to add he is still at it training bikers. Responsible for getting many motorcyclists through their tests over the last 30 plus years it's fair to say that not only the instructor but those he has taught over the years have all aged a bit. Qualifying as an instructor with the 'Star Rider' scheme and then the 'RoSPA' motorcycle training scheme which both ceased to operate after a period of time, Lindsey was instrumental in ensuring that a motorcycle training scheme remained in Bridgend and hence the Bridgend Motorcycle Training Scheme was formed. Now retired from a professional career, a passionate motorcyclist with a background of 14 years as a police motorcyclist holding the coveted Police Class 1 and Instructors Certificate, he is keen to pass his knowledge and experience on to those starting out on their biking careers. He cares that he not only trains motorcyclists to pass their test but endeavours to instill in his trainees that they have the appropriate attitude to ensure that they are safe and stay alive after they have passed their test. An examiner with the Institute of Advanced Motorists, nothing gives him greater pleasure than examining one of his former trainees who have developed their riding skills to an advanced level who he can recommend for membership of the IAM after they have undertaken the advanced test.

After retiring from his day job Richard Phillips now spends much of his time indulging in his No 1 passion - riding motorcycles.

He has been riding intermittently since the age of 8, but returned to biking seriously 25 years ago as a "born again rider". He is a RoSPA Gold Star Rider and an IAM Advanced rider. He has held Cardington qualified Instructor status at CBT & Direct Access level since 1996. He has participated at all levels of rider training, including the Police coordinated Bike Safe scheme as a civilian Instructor.

In recent years, he has taken a particular interest in developing a structured and more formal approach to M/C Instructor training and ongoing professional development.

Since 1993 he has owned a string (7....!) of 1100 & 1300cc Honda Pan-Europeans, and has ridden over 250,000 miles on them, he currently has a BMW 1200GS Adventurer for play & touring the Mountain passes and far flung reaches of Europe.

Richard is married, has taught both of his 2 grown up daughters to ride and also holds full HGV and PCV commercial driving licences. As well as instructing he is also BMTC's Business Manager and general Dogs-body.
Richard Harrison - Having first started riding in the late 1970s, the arrival of a mortgage and two children forced me to return to 4 wheels. Now retired after 30 years as a police officer, 10 of which as a Traffic Patrol Officer, which is where Lindsey and I first became acquainted. Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists in both the car and motorcycle categories and also a Class 1 Police Advanced Driver. Having returned to motorcycling,It was whilst doing the advanced motorcyclist test that Lindsey and I became re acquainted and following on from that I started touring with New Style Tours, throughout the year, rain or shine.!!!!! Through Lindsey met the other Instructors, and due to the enjoyment I have gained from motorcycling felt that I should try and pass on some of that enjoyment to newcomers to the motorcycling fraternity. Am hoping that my enthusiasm and love for motorcycling in all weathers will rub off on to others, and that my experience and knowledge will create the right attitude and go some way to make new riders not only become better, but also safer riders.
Kurt Hutchinson been riding since his teens. He has a wealth of experience in all forms of transport, having been a HGV driver, and is presently also a Grade 6 DSA car instructor. A well known character around Bridgend, he returned to biking in the last two years, and was so impressed with the Back To Biking lessons given by BMTC, he decided to join us as an instructor! In addition, as you will see from the photo, Kurt is a fanatical Cardiff City fan, and if he's not teaching the budding motorcyclists and car drivers of Bridgend, then you will more than likely find him at Cardiff City Stadium
Kevin is a retired Police Officer with over 30 years experience in the role. For twenty two of those years he was a Traffic Officer, and grade one driver and rider. The last four years of his career he was one of the senior Instructors with the South Wales Police Driver Training unit based in Cardiff. During this time he trained both Police and Military Personnel in all levels of driver/rider training, including training for close protection escort duties. On retiring he joined BMW UK as their Chief Motorcycle Instructor. Kevin is also a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorist and an examiner for ROSPA. He has been qualified with the Driving Standards Agency for the past 14 years to Instruct at CBT and Direct Access levels, and is also an Instructor with the Enhanced Rider Scheme. Kevin is a passionate motorcyclist with a passion for motorcycling, and likes nothing more that to help both new and experienced riders get the most from this way of life.
Alistair started riding as a teenager on a Yamaha FS1E, with friends and quickly moved on to a Kawasaki KC100, that was changed for a Honda CM125. Bored with small bikes and taking forever to get anywhere (friends had moved on to larger machines) passed test and changed to a GPZ900A1, this started a long love of big Kawasaki's. tried a few other brands,Honda CBX1000,CX500's and Suzuki GSXR750, but none gave the same smile as a big Kawa. Mainly ridden as a distance commuter but with some pleasure riding as well, many a happy evening down at Southsea in Portsmouth.Then having been made redundant from a chefs job decided to give something back to the biking world and pass on knowledge and experience to others so trained with the best school in Wales he could find to become an instructor.Currently riding a Kawasaki Z1000 a great all rounder.
Mark Webster is our webmaster, having designed and created the information you are reading now! He is a past trainee of BMTC and loves all aspects of motorbiking, but not as much as his two young children!
Derek Wintle - a former Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre Instructor is our Engineer/Technician and will be in charge of all the Training Centres mechanical matters and maintainence. Derek has worked widely in the motoring sector in South Wales. He is an active member of South Wales Advanced Motorcyclists and a qualified observer with that group. Derek rides a Triumph Trophy - bike choice of the connoisseur.