BMTC have a selection of nearly new ex-training school motorcycles for sale...

Prices start from £700

BMTC is NOT a Motorcycle dealer or Trader.......however, as a BMTC trainee we want to provide you with the best equipment which are reliable and safe. So, over recent years we have developed trade agreements with a number of well known Motorcycle Manufacturers, Importers and Dealers which allows us to buy in quality motorcycles at realistic prices so that we have a modern , safe and reliable fleet of Motorcycles for trainees to use.

In developing our trade agreements we researched the wide range of Asian imports and although we used a variety of manufacturers and importers, the rapidly changing specifications meant that sourcing replacement parts was problematic. Over time we have settled on 2 reliable machines as the core of our under 125cc fleet - namely, AJS (which many will remember as a established British motorcycle name and pedigree from years gone by) and Lifan, a large and emerging player in the Chinese motorcycle market place. Both these machines have been used extensively with great reliability and with an excellent spares, parts and back up service.

Consequently, our policy has been to sell off our smaller cc machines at about 2 years old. These are low mileage machines which are fully legal and maintained to the highest professional standard, however these are ex-training school and are therefore in daily use with a variety of riders of different ability who occasionally have minor mishaps resulting in some scraps and dents. Our prices reflect their chequered history.

We have a range of AJS/Longia 50cc step thru Mopeds, 125 step thru automatic and geared 125cc learner legal machines – see range of photographs.

The larger cc machines used for direct access training represent a substantial investment for BMTC and remain in use for longer periods. Since 2007 our preferred DAS bike is the Kawasaki ER600, having previously used a range of ER500cc machines which offered excellent value and reliability.

Our strategy is now to replace these at 4 years old and therefore have a number (currently 3) of older “W & Y Registration” machines for sale again at sensible 2nd hand prices . Again, these machines are ex-training school, they are fully taxed and MoT’s, many have new chains and sprockets, new tyres and brakes but cosmetically need some TLC and would make excellent projects or suit riders returning to biking, or those who have recently passed their DAS tests and don’t wish to invest many thousands of £’s on bikes whilst they develop their riding skill or those who just want a cheapish “winter hack“ which keeps the “crud” away from their No 1 pride and joy.

We currently have over 20 machines in registered use. All the machines are for sale if we can agree the right package for our customers.

Interested? Ring and speak to Lindsey or Richard on 01656 662520, 01443 218169, 07825 536840 or 07749 867362

ajs step thru
50cc Step Thru
50cc step thrulifan